Military Sales Benefits

  • Unique no-haggle, tax-free pricing.
  • Substantial built-in savings over USMSRP
  • All models are built to US specs and conform to legal requirements in every US state.
  • A factory warranty comes with all new vehicles sold through Pentagon Car Sales
  • Trained English speaking advisors to assist you in all aspects of your purchase.
Military Sales Benefits

What's the US Military Sales Program all about?

Our dedicated US Military Sales Programs offer new and pre-owned vehicles with US specifications at very advantageous prices, free of all local European taxes. These programs are available to all DoD, Military and Diplomatic personnel stationed outside the United States.

Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle, we can offer you a quality automobile covered by either a manufacturer’s factory warranty or a comprehensive pre-owned warranty.

Our goal is to enable any US service member serving overseas to purchase a top quality automobile in a comfortable and safe environment that will provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Military Sales Benefits

Why choose the US Military Sales Programs at Pentagon Car Sales?

Regardless of your driving preference and personal lifestyle, we can offer you a top quality, fully-equipped luxury automobile capable of handling any road conditions in any climate. Whether you love the sheer thrill of a high-performance vehicle or the spacious practicality of a premium SUV model with all-wheel drive, Pentagon Car Sales provides US Military/DOD personnel stationed overseas with their own dedicated easy-to-use program through which a new U.S. specification model may be bought from inventory under very preferential conditions.

Our special military-preferred prices are fixed, ensuring that everyone receives the lowest possible price without the need to haggle with a sales person. The entire focus of your buying experience can remain on the really important things, like which color and option packages do you prefer.

All models purchased through the Military Sales Program come with factory warranty coverage (please ask for details of the European and US warranty coverage).

Any Military/DOD member qualifies to use Military Sales when:

  • Permanently stationed outside the USA (PCS)
  • Deployed (outside the USA and its territories)
  • TDY/TAD (outside the USA for just one day)
  • Flight Duty (specified destination outside the USA)
  • Afloat in International Waters
Military Sales Benefits