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What our customers say about Cilajet!

Lt Col. W.
"Cilajet is great!! I'm very happy with it's performance so far. Makes it tremendously easy to wash and dry the car. Rain and water just slides right off. Plus, brake dust is no problem on the wheels, same thing, just wipes right off."

Mrs. M.
"I think the Cilajet was one of the best investments we could have made! It is so easy to clean the car now! I am able to get all of the bugs off with little or no problem. I like the way the rain rolls off, too!!"

CW5 S.
"Cilajet is well worth the investment. It makes the vehicle a lot easier to keep clean! There is no need for Bug and Tar to remove either. Cilajet allows me to wash off bugs, tar, and road grime with soapy water and sponge with very little scrubbing."

Capt V.
"We feel like Cilajet protects our car from the elements (exterior) and from our toddler (interior). Peace of mind, it keeps the car looking new....the process was fairly quick and easy."

"We are more than satisfied with the cilajet applied to our 2012 BMW, no more expensive car washes and flashy brake dust products. We run it through a regular wash and dry and it looks brand new. And with a 4yr old the treatment on the interior more than pays for itself. Our friends are getting ready to do their cars!"

Mr. D.
"Great product so far! Makes cleaning our 2 BMWs much easier...even those nasty bugs that hit at over 100mph! Gives the vehicles a great shine and water beading even without waxing. Recommend it."

"Cilajet is one of the best sealants that I have seen. We have had it put on every BMW that we have purchased and have been truly satisfied with how it has protected our cars. It definitely lives up to the advertisement. Our next BMW will definitely have Cilajet on it."

Mr. S.
"Cilajet is an awesome car care product that I would recommend to anyone purchasing a new or used car. Once Cilajet is applied, keeping your vehicle looking in show room condition is no problem because (the product really works!!!!)."

Mr. A.
"I'm delighted with the Cilajet on both cars. In truth, the Z-4 is so new that the finish looks much the same. I do notice that the car washes up nicely in the car wash and the bug splats come off easily. I'm more delighted with the 2006 325 results. The finish looks almost new and it's fun to see the water beads move across the hood like a fresh wax job when I drive in the rain or after washing it. I tend to keep my cars many years and like them to keep looking good. Cilajet is a good thing and I'm glad I got it for both cars. Seriously, Cilajet is a great service for people who don't have the time to wax their cars regularly and want them to be protected against the weather and road crud."