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Service Credit Union

Service Credit Union provides financial services to over 168,000 members residing all across the U.S. and around the world.

The credit union recognizes the commitment and sacrifices made by the military and their families with special low auto loan rates. Service Credit Union offers exclusive savings to military members including deeper discounts for newly enlisted and Warriors on new auto loans.

Finance a new car at Service Credit Union and you'll get affordable rates, flexible terms, and fast, friendly service. We provide you with the convenience of getting a loan where and when you need it. Plus, with a Service Credit Union auto loan you have the confidence of knowing you received one of the best rates available.

Service Credit Union

AADD – Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving!

In 2009 Airmen Against Drunk Driving - AADD was formed to tackle the increasing number of DUIs/DWIs occurring on Air Force bases and in surrounding communities. The goal of this volunteer-based program was to try to eliminate alcohol-related driving incidents by providing military members with a method of transportation at weekends (of base) without using the chain of command and without fear of repercussion.

To support this excellent and innovative program and to prevent the program’s volunteer designated drivers from having to use their own cars, Pentagon Car Sales put their full weight behind the program in the KMC by loaning AADD two new Lexus automobiles every weekend at no cost!

Six years later we are proud to report that the program is a well established component in the KMC and our continued support, combined with the absolutely sterling work done each weekend by the volunteer designated drivers, is helping to ensure that military members from every service branch are kept out of harm’s way after a enjoying a relaxing night out.

The perfect WIN-WIN situation for everyone!


ProSoc Academy

ProSoc Academy was founded in 2011 to offer players an opportunity to pursue excellence in soccer.

The ProSoc Academy philosophy is to promote enthusiasm and dedication and to improve soccer skills of the participants.

ProSoc Academy promotes social interaction and camps that are designed to teach players of all age groups basic and advanced soccer techniques. They provide individual attention to players, future achievements and guide, plan and develop future career goals in the sport.

ProSoc Academy, For over 10 Years Your Professional Off Base Housing Referral Network in Germany!

You're looking for wonderful upscale and luxurious homes that fit to your lifestyle?

We offer first class rental homes, homes for sale, or we'll support you to build your own top quality home to your specifications (turn key finished)!


  • Ensures that you receive great insurance services at an affordable price.
  • Provides insurance services to US Military and other NATO forces stationed in Germany. Whether you are active duty, dependent or civilian employee, we are here for your insurance needs.
  • Assists all other English speaking ex-patriots permanently residing in Germany with their insurance matters.
  • Offers best service at lowest possible rates. Our agencies are located at all major military stations in Germany and provide direct, personal and friendly customer service.