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What's so special about the Military Sales Program?

These are just some of the exclusive benefits offered through Military Sales at Pentagon Car Sales:

  • Unique no-haggle, military-preferred, tax-free pricing.
  • Substantial built-in savings over USMSRP
  • All models are built to US specs and conform to legal requirements in every US state.
  • "Express-From-Stock" or Build-Your-Own ordering facility.
  • Trained English speaking advisors to assist you in all aspects of your purchase.

Do you qualify to participate in the Military Sales Program?

Any Military/DOD member qualifies to use Military Sales when:

  • Permanently stationed outside the USA (PCS)
  • Deployed (outside the USA and its territories)
  • TDY/TAD (outside the USA for any length of time)
  • Flight Duty (destination outside the USA)
  • Afloat in International Waters

For specific model info, or for more details of how this special program can benefit you, please complete and send the Request for Information below.

We look forward to introducing you to the Military Sales Program available exclusively at Pentagon Car Sales!

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